This is an electrophysiology stage we offer. If you look closely you'll see the removable inner stage. The inner stage moves independently from the platform which allows you to quickly scan the entire field without moving the main platform. This stage can be fitted to most microscopes 

• Large platform with threaded inch/mm spacing and sliding mounts
• Cross-roller construction
• 1mm pitch anti-backlash screws
• Stepper motors can be controlled manually or with controller (optional Sutter control)
• Removable inner-stage for multiple inserts, i.e. heaters, stereos, etc
With this system the microscope can be fixed, while micromanipulators mounted to the stage can be moved relative to the objective. The cross roller design provides incredible stability and the large base can comfortably house a large number of micromanipulators. It has the added advantage that in addition to moving the stage and specimen together relative to the microscope, it is possible to move the specimen relative to the microscope and manipulator. This is particularly advantageous when multiple electrodes are in place and the specimen is being scanned for another region of interest. The stage can either be moved by hand or controlled by stepper motors.
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